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Better than they look spindles

Ref: 2339

Well they look a bit rough don't they. We were called out to a job last week where a large old house had been torched and was about to be demolished and we were given 2 days to clear it before it was ...

Long grey painted cast iron spindles

Ref: 2338

We have 21 of these longer than normal cast iron spindles which may well be Georgian rather than Victorian. Nice delicate things. approx 40 inches tall...

Gold barley twist cast iron spindles

Ref: 2337

These have all been cut to the same length, and now have a flat top. 22 available at about 37 inches tall....

Black double bar spindles

Ref: 2336

Only 10 of these, measuring approx 34.5 inches long, but a fairly common pattern seen in the Glasgow tenements (though these actually came from a film set!)...

Skinnier cast iron spindles

Ref: 2282

34 of these from a job we did earlier this week, a couple have the top lugs knocked off where I (alas, for it was indeed me feeling a bit tired) hit them with my hammer while knocking them out of the ...

Jellymould pattern cast spindles

Ref: 2281

Fairly commonly found design this, one we call the jelly mould due to the central design. We actually have more of these in the warehouse from a different job, but the proportions are ever so slightly...

Georgian cast iron spindles

Ref: 2235

29 of these (plus 2 broken ones) from a farmhouse in Fife. Good typical Georgian pattern and all roughly 37 inches tall. We also have the newel post but this of course is a different pattern....

Cast spindles

Ref: 2220

One of the more common types spindle you see, we have 28 of these (as of Jan 2017-so please get in touch to check availability). I refer to these as the 'jelly mould' pattern due to the central knobbl...

Various new newel posts

Ref: 2209

Having had almost no newel posts, and having sent several off to London, we've suddenly done several jobs where there have been great newel posts which we were able to remove (often they have to be le...

Gold painted spindles

Ref: 2199

Last time I looked (Dec 2016) we had 39 of these left from a job we did down in Wemyss bay. Surprisingly heavy and measuring between 38 and 42 inches long. If reading this, please note that the site i...

roughly 80 timber spindles

Ref: 2190

Indeed we have 80 of these fresh from a lovely 1880's church. Most are angled at the tops and bottoms and are about 29 inches long (they would need to sit on a stringer rather than the actual tread) a...

Church-y Pitch pine newels

Ref: 2169

Some shorter than others, these were originally from around the altar area of a church and are in pretty good shape because of it, without too many scars from handrails etc....

Large number of cast iron spindles

Ref: 2164

When time is tight its amazing what you can do. 220 cast spindles broken out of stone stairs in under 3 hours, tiring though. They actually match other spindles already on the site. Sizes to follow....

Lovely timber newels

Ref: 2158

Always a hard thing to source-and more so now as we have to leave staircases until the day before demolition nowadays due to (understandable) health and safety issues, so if the job is a long way off,...

Varnished wooden spindles

Ref: 2082

We have 35 of these (June 2016) measuring just over 30 inches tall, all with flat bottoms and tops....

Stripped wooden spindles

Ref: 2081

Not much I can say about these. We have 20 available (June 2016) measuring 29.5-31.5 inches tall....

Gold spindles

Ref: 2080

We have 28 of these left now measuring between 35 to 37.5 inches long with a round cross section where they were leaded into a stone stair. This is our problem with getting spindles, we have to leave ...


Ref: 1937

We seem to have bought rather a lot of handrail lately which is good as we were running low. We generally only take straight runs (and some of these are over 14 feet long) but we have a few twists and...

brown cast iron barley twist spindles

Ref: 1862

Approx 40 of these cast iron spindles as of nov 2014 which measure 38 inches to the base plate. The spindles have been leaded into these plates which were then bolted onto a metal platform, but they a...

iron spindles

Ref: 1800

Latest batch of cast iron spindles, these ones fresh from a demolition yard. About 40 available plus a matching newel post. They all have iron 'shoes' at the base where they were fixed to the floor, b...

Oban newel

Ref: 1652

I think this came from a rather sad job we were involved in up in Oban. A large hotel on the sea front that had fallen into such a bad state that it was condemned . It must have been lovely once, but ...

pair of newels

Ref: 1650

Slightly smaller than most of our newel posts with a base thats 3 3/4 wide, these came from a little building in Ayrshire .38 and 42 inches high and pitch pine....

church newel

Ref: 1649

Nice chunky pitch pine newel with a slightly ecclesiastical feel. 48 inches high with a base thats 4 3/4 across....

St Andrews newel post

Ref: 1647

From the top, sealed off floor of an old hotel in St Andrews, good simple pitch pine newel measuring 43 inches tall and with a base thats 4 1/4 wide....

golf course newel post

Ref: 1646

This newel, which is pine came from an old golf club house that was pulled down on the outskirts of Edinburgh, its 47 3/4 inches tall and the base is 3 1/2 inches across....

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