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Painted oval panel from a front door

Ref: 2362

We very seldom get these and the last couple we had we kept to put back into doors which had them missing. You see this kind of thing all over Glasgow though and over the years we've had flowers, musi...

Very colourful leaded glass windows

Ref: 2361

We have about 15 of these of various different sizes, all from a large house in North Ayrshire dating to about 1900. I think a couple have a single cracked pane but they are otherwise in unusually goo...

Armorial window

Ref: 2360

We have a couple of these rather older than usual windows, from a hallway we believe. Painted coat of arms to the centre and really very nice corner pieces of painted glass. I would be tempted to remo...

Single window

Ref: 2359

Just the one of these, and because of the various astragals, its going to be tricky to adjust the size of this one, but its very pretty and has no damage. Sizes to follow....

Art nouveau painted glass

Ref: 2320

We have around 7 of these from a Victorian house in Rutherglen where they had been lurking in the basement for 40 odd years, along with the glass from the vestibule door. Various sizes and the colours...

Latest glass

Ref: 2237

11 pieces of this just in (Feb), all in pretty good shape from a house on the south side of Glasgow. Including the frames its all about 23.5 inches wide by 30 tall or 30 by 30. I'm generally ge...

Thistle glass

Ref: 2222

Attractive leaded windows from a house near Cambuslang dating to the turn of the century. We have 6 available as I type measuring between 42 inches wide by 31 tall and 38 wide by 33.5 tall including t...

Shield pattern glass

Ref: 2151

We have really quite a lot of these in various sizes, though the majority are either 37.5 wide by 34.25 or 30.75 the same height. I seem to remember they came from Cambuslang way from a large detached...

leaded glass from a church window

Ref: 2150

We have quite a number of these in various states (though we have a whole bucket of spares from a window which we broke up). Lovely windows which originally came from a church in Kilmarnock that was c...

Leaded glass door panel

Ref: 2149

Just the one of these-we always try to keep the glass in the doors if at all possible, but this is how we bought this one. Good simple pattern-more of the type I used to see in London. The glass measu...

rose leaded glass panels

Ref: 2148

We have half a dozen of these, all the same size (28 inches by 23-including the frame, I think) all in good condition and unusually, in mahogany window frames....

Glasgow rose type leaded glass panels

Ref: 2147

A fair few of these windows in at the moment, and as is usually the case, as they are all from one house with different sized windows, they are all slightly different sizes, but they tend to be around...

Church window

Ref: 2055

Its taken months to get this piece of glass on display, and weeks more for me to get it onto the website, and looking at the pics, I'll have to go and take some better ones. Measuring approx 35 inches...

wider pice of leaded glass

Ref: 1966

Very pretty piece, one of a few we got recently (I never get the time to put them all on the website) This one is 41.5 inches wide by 29.5 tall, not including the frame and was from a bay window. The ...

Leaded glass

Ref: 1772


Small Leaded Glass Panels

Ref: 1615

We have half a dozen of these little pieces in just now (june 2013). They are 26.5 inches wide by 12.5 high and have been encased in new gazed units. The sort of thing that looks good when placed in f...

Large Leaded Glass Window

Ref: 1611

We have a couple of these which would have come from the central window of a bay measuring 31.5 inches across by 28 tall....

Leaded top sash's

Ref: 1610

We have 6 of these rather nice windows, 4 of which measure 20.5 inches wide by 27.25 tall and the other 2 measuring 25.5 by 27.25. Currently reserved...

painted glass panel

Ref: 1544

Listed as Victorian, but from a church built in the 1820's in Paisley. The majority of the glass in the church was kept as it was listed, but the windows down the sides were replaced when the building...

painted glass panel

Ref: 1543

Listed as Victorian, but from a church built in the 1820's in Paisley. We have 2 available (as of march) at 24.5 long by 18.5 high...

painted glass

Ref: 1542

Listed as Victorian but from a church built in the 1820's in Paisley we have one left measuring 24.5 wide by 16 high....

painted glass

Ref: 1541

Listed as Victorian but from a church built in the 1820's in Paisley. We have 6 left (as of march)measuring 21.25inches long by 5 tall....

painted glass

Ref: 1540

Listed as Victorian but from a church built in the 1820's in Paisley. We have 7 available (as of March) measuring 18.5 inches by 11 tall....

painted glass panel

Ref: 1539

Listed as Victorian but from a church built in the 1820's in Paisley. We have 5 available (as of March) measuring 24.25 inches by 16 high....

pair of painted glass panels

Ref: 1538

Listed as Victorian but from a church built in the 1820,s in Paisley. we have 10 pairs and one spare bit (as of March) measuring 11.5 inches wide by 30 tall. These would have been the sides of a large...

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